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Patsy announced her separation from husband number four, DJ Jeremy Healy, in April, only a year after they walked down the aisle…. He was charismatic, selfish and a serial womaniser, and in her autobiography Honest, Jonsson recalls how he would have sex in front of her. Can it be any coincidence that so many of her relationships have crashed and burned?

He was such a character. There was something tremendously alive about him.

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He had sex with so many girls. Tatum had an explosive marriage and three children with bad boy of tennis John McEnroe, which ended in divorce and a fiercely contested custody battle — that she lost. Marilyn Monroe never knew her real father but was always attracted to father-figure types, such as playwright Arthur Miller. Her volatile marriage to Black Sabbath singer Ozzy mirrors the extraordinary tensions in the relationship with her father, music impresario Don Arden, who was famed for his volatile temper.

Thanks For Being My Dad Poem, Daddy's Girl

Osbourne left school at 15 to work for her father, who managed Black Sabbath. After he sacked Ozzy from the band in , she managed the singer herself and later married him. While she was pregnant, her father let his dogs loose on her and she had a miscarriage.

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A year estrangement followed, and, against the odds, she and Ozzy somehow stayed together despite his substance abuse, adultery and violence. Relationship psychotherapist Paula Hall cautions us against seeking out either the spitting image or the polar opposite of our dad, as either route is likely to lead to disappointment. Stoker : India was extremely close to her late father, and he doted on her in kind. He's also the one who taught her how to hunt, and he got her a new pair of shoes for her birthday every year, a gift India clearly likes and appreciates a lot.

A lot of the tension between India and her mother stems from the fact that India doesn't think her mother is mourning him appropriately. A rather dark example, as Catherine's attachment to him leads her to hatch a scheme with him involving faking his murder to expose the awfulness of the other seven women and show him that she's the only one he can rely on. It backfires on her though, as he kills himself at the end out of despair at the revelations. In A Brother's Price , men are so rare that some girls don't even have a father who lives with the family.

As a result, those women who do have a father consider themselves very lucky. One woman mentions that the sight of a dead man upsets her especially because he reminds her of her father. A tragic example occurs in Angela's Ashes , In the beginning of the book a daughter is born to the McCourt family. The normally alcoholic father Malachy McCourt dedicates himself to his daughter.

A week later the daughter dies, sending Malachy back to the bottle in grief. Szelma in Dora Wilk Series. Olaf isn't even her biological father, but she wants all the best for him and he loves her enough to let her do basically all she wants. Expected, since Merry is the youngest member of the Grant family She was Daddy's Girl until Daddy George died; then, George's bachelor brother Uncle Alec becomes her Parental Substitute as he promised to George before he kicked it and she grows to love him just as much.

Elizabeth Bennet from Pride and Prejudice is her father's favorite daughter and the two are very close. She is coincidentally her mother's least favorite child. Emma : Emma Woodhouse is the apple of her father's eye, being naturally clever and refusing to get married in part so she won't need to leave him. When she does , her betrothed agrees to live in her house until Mr. Woodhouse passes away since they both know he couldn't bear living without her.

Maree-Celee from The Princess 99 has a close relationship with her father but no one knows who or where her Mom is. Jessie in Stephen King 's novel, Gerald's Game is her father's darling and loves him very much In King's Dolores Claiborne , father and daughter share a bond until he starts sexually harassing and molesting her. Margaret Hale from North and South is the favorite child of her father, and returns the sentiment. Conversely, her brother is a Momma's Boy and her mother's favored child.

Cleo Judson , the wealthy but insecure socialite from Dorothy West's The Living is Easy , is a rare overtly negative version of this trope. As a child, her father recognizes her manipulative, callous ways, which he admits he cannot bring himself to correct.

I didn’t want to share my father with anybody.

A man who loved his wife couldn't help loving his first-born best, the child of his fiercest passion. When that first-born was a girl, she could trample on his heart, but he would swear on a stack of Bibles that it didn't hurt. Eirian: Papa, have you come to play with me? I've missed you so!

Thanks For Being My Dad Poem

Did it compare to the others? With paw on heart, the lord had to admit that he had not even noticed that there had been any other dancers. Live-Action TV. She can often be seen in his office helping him out. Emily Thorne formerly Amanda Clarke is this to her father, David Clarke, on Revenge - enough so to dedicate her entire life and fortune to avenging his wrongful conviction and murder.

The daughters in Full House having only father figures around makes it sort of hard not to be a Daddy's Girl. Michelle even gradually develops her father's obsession with cleanliness. Veronica Mars : The show's title character and her father, Keith Mars.

They've always shared a very close bond, which has only increased when Lianne Mars left her husband and daughter for good. Trina Echolls is doted on by her father Aaron, and when he finds out that her boyfriend has been hitting her, Aaron beats the guy into next Tuesday. This is made made all the more disproportionate and jarring because he himself physically abuses her brother Logan.

Castle : Richard Castle may be a horndog, an egotist, and a bestselling writer of pulp noir mysteries, but he'd move heaven and earth for his daughter Alexis. For her part, Alexis is against all odds and most understandings of genetics and environment a sensible, studious, smart young girl who loves and understands her father.

One episode opens with them fencing, quoting Robin Hood , and talking about Alexis's new crush at the same time ; another has them playing laser tag. It's clearly an absolute blast for both. Say what you want about Richard Castle, but he's a great father. One nice quote: Castle: When I was your age I can't tell that story, it's wildly inappropriate. Which, oddly, is my point—don't you want to have wildly inappropriate stories you can't tell your children when you're older?

Alexis: affectionately Don't worry, I think you'll have enough for both of us. In Classical Mythology Athena was Zeus' favorite daughter and she in turn loved him very much and was completely loyal to him. Artemis to Zeus as well: in The Iliad she literally ran crying to sit on his lap after Hera thrashed her with her own bow. The lyrics to the song itself can be interpreted as being about a female romantic partner or any beloved female person in general. Ben Folds. Hawkins is an ode to her father. Newspaper Comics. Peppermint Patty in Peanuts her mother is probably dead.

Her dad gave her the ever-present sandals she wears and calls her a Rare Gem. Dolly in The Family Circus - being the only daughter out of four kids probably helps.

12 signs you're a TOTAL Daddy's Girl

In Baby Blues , Darryl loves both his daughters Zoe and Wren, but from the beginning, it's clear that Zoe especially has always had her daddy wrapped around her little finger. Professional Wrestling. In Hamilton , Aaron Burr strongly implies that his daughter is this. In the song "Dear Theodosia," he sings lines to her like "I'm dedicating every day to you," and "When you smile, you knock me out, I fall apart. Video Games. One of the final scenes in Bayonetta 2 shows Bayonetta developing some respect and love for her father, but only after it became clear to her that he wasn't the monster he appeared to be in Bayonetta.

Just as she still called her mother "mummy", Bayonetta's last word to Balder is calling him her "daddy" for the first and last time.

The Shires - Daddy's Little Girl (Official Video)

Yukari is specifically portrayed as having been much closer to her father than her mother, and Mitsuru's mother is not mentioned, but she's very protective of and devoted to her father. In Persona 5 , Makoto deeply loved and respected her police officer father, who died three years before the start of the story, and hopes to follow in his footsteps. Ina from the Samurai Warriors series. Lampshaded by a few people who interact with either her or her father, Tadakatsu.

In Jak X Combat Racing , Keira is irritated by her status as Samos' "little girl" because he won't let her compete in the tournament her life depends on. Of course, she does it anyway. Lohgain has a touching farewell to Anora concerning the trope should the player choose to execute him ; In return, the two most important things in Anora's life are her country and her father, and she'll do what she must to protect both of them. If her proposed consort either the Warden or Alistair kills Loghain, she'll immediately call off the agreement.

If she's Queen and unmarried, the epilogue states she refuses all of her suitors , because none of them live up to her standard: her father. The Dwarf Noble Female Warden is also this to her father, the King of Orzammar; she is outright stated to be his favorite child and many speculate that he will name her his heir instead of her unpopular older brother Trian.