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Until now, the gremlin-like creatures were almost mystical. The last time a pygmy tarsier was found alive was in Many scientists were convinced that the species was extinct until Indonesian scientists found one dead in a mouse trap in Determined to track down the mysterious species, a team of primatologists set up mist nets in the mountains of Indonesia. They captured three, two males and one female, and fitted them with radio collars.

So little is known about the creatures that the researchers are literally learning first-hand.

Cheddar Man’s Face Revealed

For example, Sharon Gursky-Doyen, leader of the team, learned that the little guys can turn their heads degrees after one pulled the maneuver and bit her finger while she was attaching the radio collar. I even asked the volunteers, "how are the tarsiers so close to the pathway? How gullible of me to believe what they said.

I actually kept hushing some of the tourists around me because they were so loud and it annoyed me that they didn't follow the signs that said to keep quiet. How unfortunate that this place continues to exist. Aw, I was just like you Janna — I had no idea as well! We actually almost had the same experience, with them telling me the same things but I had a gut feeling that there was something wrong.

Well at least now we both know :D Hopefully indeed, something can be done with this place. I have never seen anything like this before and have never went anywhere like this in the past. I would love to travel more and take my family on a tour so we could all see this in person. My daughter would enjoy it I know that!

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Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos! What a cute little furry face! I have to admit that I have never heard about this place but by the sounds of things I should be super happy I hadn't before. I can not stand it when people mistreat and abuse animals. I hope that your post enlightens those who live around there so they don't go! I hope so too, Heather! At least now, if you ever want to see this unique animal, you'll know where to go :D.

We've never been to Bohol but I know that tarsier commits suicide when stressed. I actually have no intention of seeing a tarsier if ever we visit Bohol.. Yeah, people need to know about the true sanctuary for tarsiers.

I guess now that you know, it shouldn't hold you back from witnessing one :D Thanks Pehpot! The tarsiers eyes are memorizing I just can't stop looking at them. It is sad that they are kept in bad conditions. It is awesome that you are sharing this information, so people can make an informed decision on whether they should boycott the area.

I simply want to inform others so they'll avoid the same mistake that I did. Thanks Emma for supporting the cause!

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The fast facts you mentioned about tarsiers are truly surprising. We must be responsible tourists who support the welfare of animals. I'm glad you agree Miles! A lot of people are still led to that place though, but at least, I hope this article reaches to some more people who will also spread the word. Thank you for sharing this information on the Loboc Tarsier Conservation Area. As a tourist I think we often get sucked into these "tourist traps".

I've been to Loboc and I've also seen tarsier there. Yung binista naming tarsier nun hindi sa Tarsier Conservation Area. Merong parang maliit lang na lugar dun na parang alaga lang nila yung mga tarsier tapos nasa mga sanga yung tarsier. At masasabi kong, uo nga hindi yun ung natural habitat nila. Nakakasad neto lalo na sa mga katulad kong tourist na walang idea.

Why Avoid the Loboc Tarsier Conservation Area?

Thank you so much for this post. Aw thanks for sharing Neri! I think it's safe to assume that unless those places were in the wild, then those tarsiers were "placed" there and caged after the day ends. It saddens me to hear that this happens still so I really want to inform others. I was also someone who had no idea before so now I want to spread the word.

Thank you! I haven't been to Loboc yet, because my relatives have been discouraging me to. I actually wanted to just try the cruise, but they say there's nothing much to see around, and later on I found out that there's a tarsier conservation there. I'm not sure, but maybe they're hiding it from me? But I was able to see a tarsier in Sagbayan peak, unexpectedly.

Tarsier Man: A Hire With Fire by Pat Hatt, pei pei |, Paperback | Barnes & Noble®

We went there after our trip to Chocolate Hills because Sagbayan peak is also a popular park, or something. There's one "dome" there with butterflies and plants and we also saw one or two tarsiers that time. I felt sad for them, being caged, and yes, they're awake! I agree with what you said, we all love to see different animals and take photos of them, of course, but we have to be aware and informed before we take actions. People should do research first, because there are always alternatives naman. I've actually tried the cruise, and yeah it's somehow a very 'touristy' activity — but I loved the buffet LOL especially since I was sooo hungry at that time haha so I had a great time.

Anyhow, that's so sad! The Philippine Tarsier Foundation has been active in the past years of freeing caged tarsiers in Bohol there used to be tons of them by the river but they've been freed, thank goodness yet indeed, there are still those who manage to still do it.

Ace of Space - Episode 1 - Small, smaller, smallest!

Overall: I'm glad you agree! We really need to practice responsible traveling. I also had an experience with elephants in Thailand which I thought was ethical since they didn't perch chairs on their backs — HOWEVER, the fact that they were still able to follow the people's commands raising their trunks and mingling with us exposed me to the fact that the elephants were still being 'trained' a process that's very cruel which is called 'breaking their spirit'. I also wonder about the elephants in Thailand.