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This summer we are considering trekking the Via Alpina yellow trail.

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We would welcome comments on the ease of route-finding along this trail. We are experienced trekkers but do not have a GPS. Pour ma part, j'ai fait Monaco - Scharnitz en 3 fois.

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  6. La nouvelle du mois de Novembre est sortie!! There are five versions with the same booklet and a different map highlighting sights or tourist offers in one of the regions. It has three or four seperate booklets and it covers the whole of Italian Via Alpina routes. Je suis revenue le 1er septembre. Je ferai quelques commentaires plus tard sur cette merveilleuse aventure. Au passage il y a une chasse aux fautes d'orthographe qui est ouverte Ich werde ca.

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    Vieln Dank, Andreas. Info e costi sul sito. I am coming to Switzerland in July to walk the green trail. I have heard that this year the Alps received their greatest snowfall in the past 10 years. Do you think that I will need to bring snowshoes with me to avoid deep patches of snow on the higher passes. Thank you for your response.

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    Kann man am ende des tages auch einfach sein zelt irgendwo aufbauen, oder ist das dort verboten? Zum Beispiel auf dem Violette Weg kein Hochgebirge? Zur Frage des Biwakieren, siehe den Link oben! Bonne rando! Ich moechte im Juli einen Teil der via alpina gehen. Das Zeitfenster das mirzur verfuegung steht betraegt etwa 3wochen. Ich liebe Wasserfaelle, klare Fluesse, viel gruen, gehe aber auch gerne durch kurze Gebirgsabschnitte.

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    Welche Strecke wuerdet ihr mir da empfehlen? Und wie ist das eigtl? Kann man dort ueberall zelten? Wie hoch sind so die durchschnittlichen tagesausgaben auf der via alpina? Hello Me and my girlfriend want to hike the green trail. Is it possible to take a tent and sleeping bags and sleep outside? Is it practical? Do people do it? Aaron: for sure in April there will still be lots of snow, at least from m upwards.

    Crampons and ice-axes plus snowshoes will be necessary, and we don't recommend going without experience of winter mountaineering, sorry. Look for trails along the valleys instead, there must be very nice ones. Nathalie, Via Alpina International Co-ordinator. Nous sommes sans nouvelle de lui depuis. Il transportait une tente de couleur verte de marque Vaude.

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    Hey, Part of a business trip will see me and a mate spending some down time in Switzerland and I thought it'd be a cracking time to do a day hike along the green trail. Only problem is this trip would be around the start of April. Where fairly competent hikers in our own backyard Australia but more accustomed to hiking in 40 degree heat as opposed to snow. My husband and I want to hike a part of this route, probably two weeks in late august september but need more information and ideas Thanks.

    Vienna-Nice It was a long-held idea that we have implemented in the summer of in action. The launch was on 7 April in Vienna on the Danube - on 8 September, we reached the sea after wakingdays near Nice.

    In between were up about 1, km and 90, vertical meters walking distance, as well as back down. In a blog we wrote about it constantly!

    Agence des Chemins de Compostelle

    Der Start war am 7. April in Wien an der Donau - am 8. September haben wir nach Gehtagen das Meer bei Nizza erreicht. Dazwischen lagen etwa Km Gehstrecke und Bonjour, Pour tous les amis via alpinistes qui passeront par le sanetsch sur la commune de saviese, je vous informe que l'hotel restaurant du sanetsch a changer de gerant depuis deux ans et que s'est vraiment sympa aujourd'hui, on peut s'y arreter sans crainte.

    start of the 2nd stage of the Tour de France 2015: Utrecht > Neeltje Jans

    Please say hallo to Daniel who we met on the Triglav trail. We made the Triglav this year and had a wonderful time. Some pictures and where we have been are on our homepage. Wir sind am Juli von Muggia aus gestartet und wollen den roten Weg in Abschnitten gehen. Diesen Sommer haben wir 25 Etappen geschafft und sind vollkommen begeistert von der Strecke. Die Wege sind nach unserer Erfahrung meistens gut markiert. Allerdings sind die Gehzeiten laut Via Alpina sehr knapp bemessen. Wir waren im Durchschnitt immer eine Stunde langsamer als geplant. Wir freuen uns schon jetzt auf den Sommer !

    Yes, when setting the Via Alpina stages we had to choose places with a hut or other accommodation at the end, because we wanted to make the trail available to people without a tent. Where there are only few possibilities it can lead to irregular day hike length. Also, the Via Alpina signs don't aim at being anything else than a "reminder", to confirm you are on the way and make it known to others! In some places the creation of Via Alpina was a catalyst for improving it, in others there is still work to be done We'll also try to update the descriptions but writing and translation costs are very high so it won't be possible in the near future We are doing what we can and are confident that once on the way, you long-distance hikers will make the most of it!

    Ciao a tutti! Occasionally they are very wrong that in the middle of this years walk I didn't even bother to check them any more. They also differ from the big posters that are in the end of stages I couldn't find the poster in every stage end though , which confued me greatly last year. I really liked the small plaques that I encountered in Switzerland with the elevation diagram and a map on them, but I wished a little marking on that map indication where I was.

    Similar to the big poster. What I also found to be disturbing was that occasionally the detailed desription veered off from being the "detailed" description of the track to explaining something that should be in the cultural and natural heritage section. And in sme occasion the path description was IN the natural and cultural heitage section.

    I think that's something You should look into. One more thing - why have you cut some of the stages so short - there are some decent stages, but also some which are only like 2 hours long. I think that they should be more even. Of course one doesn't have to go by the indicated stage lenghts and choose their own starting and finishing point, but still.

    I would hate to think that's to end the stage near some partiular hut or other accomodation. Otherwise it was pretty good. Bonne route! Est-ce possible de dormir sous la tente tout le tps? MartineAb: sorry, la correcte e-mail e: asri orangemail.

    En chemin vers Rome